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A club ride is the heartbeat of cycling communities worldwide, somewhere you can meet likeminded cyclists, who share a passion for the open road and the wind in their faces.

They are an invaluable place to learn or refine your riding skills. Whether you're understanding drafting techniques, perfecting your group riding etiquette, or getting tips on climbing from the veterans, there's no better classroom than the road itself. 

Club rides offer a stunning array of routes and terrain; we are so lucky in this area to be so close to some great riding. From scenic countryside roads to challenging hill climbs and urban adventures, each ride offers a new adventure and a fresh perspective.

It's amazing how shared sweat, miles, and a few mid-ride coffees can forge connections that transcend the bike.

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We offer a range of rides to accommodate members with varying fitness levels and goals. We typically select a target location for a coffee stop, and then arrange for different groups to take different routes to get there, so that all groups can meet up.  The groups will vary the rides by distance, terrain, and pace, making it easy for participants to choose rides that suit their abilities and preferences.

Please check the individual ride descriptions or contact our Club Ride Secretary for details.

Anyone!  We welcome non-members to join us as a guest on a couple of our club rides while you make your decision about joining the Rocko.  Most of our members belong to our club for the companionship of group riding.  We also support anyone in our club who wants to go on to participate in cycle racing, but all of our members come on our social rides at different times during the year.


We are confident that once you see how friendly we are, you will soon become part of the club.

Ensure you have a bike that is road worthy (see our suggestions on this page), that you have a helmet, lights and a way to fix a puncture....then pick a club ride and come along!

If you need more advice, feel free to contact our Club Ride Secretary.


Beginners often start with hybrid bikes or entry-level road bikes, which offer a balance between comfort and performance.

These bikes typically feature a more relaxed geometry that provides an upright riding position, reducing strain on the back, neck, and wrists and may feature drop or (as in the picture) flat handlebars.  They also provide many gears to allow a rider to select the most comfortable ratio to ensure progress on even the stiffest of hills!

Perhaps the most critical factor is getting the right size so that the bike is a good fit for your body. A properly fitted bike ensures comfort and efficiency and helps prevent injuries.


Remember that your local bike shop (we recommend Richardsons Cycles in Corby) can be an excellent resource for finding the right beginner's club ride bike. They can help you choose the right size, make necessary adjustments, and provide guidance on accessories like helmets, lights, and water bottle cages to enhance your riding experience. As a beginner, it's important to prioritise comfort and enjoyment on your club rides as you build your skills and cycling fitness.

An advanced club ride bike is designed for experienced cyclists who participate in club rides, group rides, and competitive cycling events. These bikes are engineered for high performance, aerodynamics and efficiency, enabling riders to push their limits and excel in various riding conditions. 

The bikes feature frames made from materials like carbon fibre or high-end aluminium, which offer a balance of strength and weight reduction.  Some may also incorporate aerodynamic features, such as streamlined tube shapes, integrated cabling, and aero handlebars, to reduce air resistance and increase speed.   With carbon fibre seat posts and handlebars to further reduce weight and absorb road vibrations, enhancing rider comfort.

The geometry is designed for more aggressive riding positions, allowing riders to generate more power and achieve a streamlined, aerodynamic posture.

These bikes are typically more expensive due to their advanced technology, materials, and components. However, they are considered an investment for serious cyclists.


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