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Cyclocross, often abbreviated as CX, is a unique and challenging form of bicycle racing that combines elements of road cycling, mountain biking, and even a touch of obstacle course racing.

CX races take place on a closed, circuit-style course that incorporates a mix of surfaces. These surfaces can include grass, mud, dirt, gravel, sand, pavement, and sometimes even obstacles like barriers, stairs, and steep hills.


Many local leagues are split into open and female category races and for those newbies there are also novice races that are shorter than the main age category races, and encourage anyone to have a go. It's for all age groups, male and female.

CX has a dedicated racing season, typically running from late summer through to the winter months.

Races can vary in size and prestige, from local events to national and international competitions like the UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup.

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CX and gravel racing are both exciting forms of off-road cycling, but they differ in terms of bike design, terrain, race format, riding style, and focus. While CX is known for its short, intense races with technical challenges, gravel racing offers longer, endurance-focused events on a variety of surfaces. The choice between the two depends on a cyclist's preferences, goals, and the type of riding experience they seek.

Anyone!  CX is known for its inclusive nature, welcoming riders of various ages and skill levels.

The Rocko have men and women members that regularly race, from the age of 8 to 60+.

Take a look at the race calendar of the local leagues and sign up, you won't regret it.

Come along to our CX training sessions - Corby Capers, which takes place from 7pm every Tuesday at West Glebe Park, to hone your skills and fitness.  

Beginners Cyclocross Bike.png

CX bikes are specifically designed for cyclocross racing. They resemble road bikes but have wider tire clearance (typically up to 33mm), knobbier tires for traction in mud and sand, and a more aggressive and responsive geometry. They either feature cantilever (rim) or disc brakes.

Advanced Cyclocross Bike.png

Advanced CX bikes typically feature a lightweight frame, often made from materials like carbon fibre or high-end aluminium. This reduces weight while maintaining durability.

​Many are equipped with disc brakes for precise and reliable stopping power, especially in muddy or wet conditions.

​To minimise mud and dirt buildup, advanced CX bikes may have integrated cable routing, ensuring smooth gear shifts and brake performance.

​The wheels are designed to be lightweight yet strong, enhancing acceleration and responsiveness.

Some may use tubular tires glued onto the rims for better traction and lower tire pressures, which can be advantageous in muddy conditions.​


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