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Mountain biking often abbreviated to MTB, is an exhilarating outdoor activity that involves riding specially designed bicycles off-road, typically on rugged and natural terrain such as trails, mountains, forests, and dirt paths. It combines elements of cycling, adventure, and exploration, offering riders an opportunity to connect with nature while challenging their physical and technical skills.

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MTB riding allows you to explore a variety of terrains, including rugged trails, forested paths, rocky descents, and even technical obstacles like roots and rocks. This diversity keeps each ride exciting and challenging.

It develops your technical skills. You'll learn how to navigate challenging terrain, control your bike through tight corners, and handle obstacles. This can be both challenging and rewarding.

While descending steep hills and navigating technical features can provide an adrenaline rush that many riders find addictive. The feeling of conquering a challenging trail can be incredibly satisfying.

MTB is a versatile activity suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels, with opportunities for leisurely exploration and adrenaline-pumping challenges alike.

Trail riding is the most common type of mountain biking, involving a mix of terrain, including singletrack trails, fire roads, and technical features.


There is also the opportunity to race your MTB, with differing types of events.

Cross-Country (XC): Involves long-distance rides on varied terrain, often with climbs and descents. It focuses on endurance and fitness.


Downhill (DH): Is all about descending steep and technical trails as fast as possible. Riders often use chairlifts or shuttles to access the top of the hill.

Enduro: Combines elements of XC and DH. It includes timed downhill sections and non-timed climbing or transfer stages

Freeride: Emphasises creative and technical riding, often involving jumps, drops, and stunts.

It depends what aspect you want to take part in, MTB racing is typically a summer sport.  You'll find many Rocko riders participating in the Friday Night Summer Series or the British Cycling XC Series.

If racing isn't your thing, we have a regular group of mountain bikers who meet up on a Thursday morning in Wakerley Woods to enjoy the local trails.

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A beginner's mountain bike, often referred to as an entry-level or recreational mountain bike, is designed for riders who are new to off-road cycling and are looking for a versatile and user-friendly bike to explore trails and build their skills.

Hardtail bikes have front suspension forks for absorbing bumps and shocks on the trail. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of trails.  Rigid mountain bikes have no suspension and are often more affordable and easier to maintain. They are a good choice for less technical trails and those on a budget.

Its common for bikes to come with a choice of either 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheel. Smaller wheels (27.5 inches) offer better manoeuvrability, while larger wheels (29 inches) provide improved rollover capabilities for obstacles.

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For the more experienced riders who seek top-tier components, cutting-edge technology, and specialised features to excel in demanding terrain and conditions.

Most advanced mountain bikes have full suspension with both front and rear shocks. These suspension systems are designed to provide maximum comfort, traction, and control on rough and technical trails.  Suspension components often feature advanced adjustability, allowing riders to fine-tune their suspension settings for different trail conditions and riding preferences.

The frames are constructed from lightweight and high-strength materials, such as carbon fibre or advanced aluminium alloys. These materials offer a balance of durability and weight savings.

Tubeless tire setups are common on advanced MTBs, reducing the risk of flats and allowing riders to run lower tire pressures for better traction.

A dropper seat post allows the rider to adjust the saddle height on the fly, making it easier to switch between climbing and descending positions.


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