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The clubhouse in Middleton serves as the core of Rockingham Forest Wheelers, offering a unique and welcome space for both our members and visitors. Established in 1971, it originally comprised three small cottages, which the club acquired in the late 1960s and transformed by the members into the structure it stands as today. 

In recent years, we've continued to renovate and modernise the building to cater to our growing membership and the needs of our event attendees, club time trial participants, and those simply dropping by for refreshments.

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Our clubhouse features a well-appointed bar, a TV that broadcasts live racing and highlights, and a cosy wood-burner to keep things warm on cooler nights. As a result, it's consistently the liveliest and most popular space within the building.


One of the recent enhancements to our clubhouse, our versatile changing room now serves dual purposes. In the summer, when we host cycle races, including our very own club time trial series, it transforms into a dedicated changing room. During the winter months, it takes on a new role as a fitness haven, boasting six stationary trainers (a mixture of WattBikes and Spin Bikes) and a TV screen tailored for immersive online training.


Equipped with a pool table, air hockey, table tennis, an electronic dartboard, and inviting sofas, this room also showcases our cherished club memorabilia and an intriguing collection of cycling artifacts.


Recently re-decorated and refurbished, this room provides plenty of space for diners on busy days / evenings and doubles up as a function room for our yearly presentation evening.

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WattBikes are a type of static bike, that have the ability to provide precise and
consistent power measurements, making them valuable tools for training and improving cycling performance.

At our clubhouse, we have 3 WattBikes.   Club members utilise these to
 track progress, maintain fitness during inclement weather or offseason, and participate in virtual cycling competitions.

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Spin bikes offer an efficient and effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness, build leg strength, and enhance overall endurance. They are versatile and adaptable to different fitness levels and goals, making them a popular choice for those seeking an indoor cycling workout experience. 

At our clubhouse we have 3 spin bikes on offer for club members to use.

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After all those sweaty indoor sessions, or wet and muddy rides outdoors, our clubhouse offers warm hot showers.

11 Ashley Rd Middleton
Market Harborough LE16 8YP
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