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Track cycling is a thrilling and highly specialised discipline of competitive cycling that takes place on a specialized track called a velodrome. This sport emphasizes speed, strategy, and precision.

Track cycling requires riders to use tactical awareness to position themselves strategically in races, especially in events with multiple competitors.

Riders often engage in a game of cat-and-mouse, using drafting and bursts of acceleration to gain an advantage.

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Track cycling events occur on oval-shaped, banked tracks known as velodromes. These tracks can be either indoor or outdoor, and their design can vary, ranging from 166 to 500 meters in circumference, though the standard Olympic track is 250 meters.  The nearest standard track for us is at Derby Arena.


Velodrome surfaces are typically made of wood, concrete, or a similar smooth material to reduce friction. The track is banked to allow riders to maintain speed while navigating turns.

Anyone of course, however rack cycling demands a unique skill set, including explosive power, precise bike handling, and a deep understanding of race dynamics. It's a sport that combines athleticism with strategy and is celebrated for its thrilling races and world-class athletes.  It is a discipline that Team GB has become a world leader in over the years.

To start riding track, a cyclist needs to be fit enough to ride consistently at 15 mph/24 kph, otherwise they risk falling off the steeply banked circuit.  They also have to be comfortable with riding in cleated shoes on a fixed-wheel bike.

We join a group for track training sessions on Wednesday evenings every few weeks, usually for riders that have a level of track accreditation.  

There are 4 levels of accreditation, which typically take several training and testing sessions at a velodrome to achieve.  Once fully accredited, a rider is eligible to ride in both training and race events at any velodrome

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A beginner's track bike is an ideal choice for individuals interested in exploring the world of track cycling. These bikes offer a straightforward and traditional design for learning the basics of track racing, sprinting, and improving bike handling skills on the velodrome.  

Frames are typically made from steel or aluminium,  providing durability and strength, important for the rigors of track cycling.

They have a specific geometry optimised for racing on the velodrome, with steep angles and short wheelbases to maximize agility and responsiveness.

Track bikes have a single-speed drivetrain, meaning they have one fixed gear and no freewheel mechanism. This design forces riders to continuously pedal and maintain a high cadence, which is essential for track racing.

The bikes are designed without brakes. Braking is achieved by applying backward pressure to the pedals to slow the bike

Advanced Track Bike.png

An advanced track bike is a high-performance racing machine designed for experienced track cyclists who demand top-tier performance, speed, and agility on the velodrome. These specialized bikes are engineered to excel in the controlled environment of the track, where aerodynamics and power transfer are of utmost importance.

Frames are crafted from lightweight and ultra-stiff materials, often carbon fibre or high-end aluminium alloys. The frame geometry is meticulously designed for maximum aerodynamics and efficient power transfer, with steep angles and minimal wheelbase for rapid acceleration and sharp handling. The rigid and responsive frame ensures that every ounce of rider effort is translated into forward motion.

Track bikes have a single-speed drivetrain, meaning they have one fixed gear and no freewheel mechanism. This design forces riders to continuously pedal and maintain a high cadence, which is essential for track racing.  Riders change the chainwheel and sprocket to give them the right gear ratio for the event that they are riding in.

These bikes are equipped with deep-section or disc aero wheels and narrow, high-pressure tires to minimize rolling resistance and maximize speed. The narrow drop handlebars provide a streamlined riding position, allowing riders to tuck low and reduce wind resistance. The components, including crank sets and cogs, are optimized for stiffness and efficient power transmission. A high-performance drivetrain ensures smooth, rapid acceleration and high-speed sprinting.


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