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Road racing is a popular and highly competitive sport that involves racing bicycles on paved roads or highways.  It demands exceptional endurance, tactical awareness, and the ability to excel in various conditions, from flat, windy stages to grueling mountain climbs. It's a sport with a rich history and a passionate fan base, and it continues to be one of the most prestigious and captivating disciplines in the world of cycling.

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Road racing encompasses various formats, including one-day races, stage races, time trials, and multi-day tours. The most famous road race is the Tour de France, a multi-stage tour that spans three weeks and covers thousands of kilometers.

Anyone, you don't have to be a Top-level professional.

Amateur and semi-pro road racing includes a wide range of events, from local criteriums to regional and national championships.

Ensure you are comfortable riding in a bunch or group.

Join our weekend rides and the Wednesday evening endurance rides, so you get a feel for drafting, the through & off technique and riding at 'race pace'.

Crit races are a great introduction to road racing and really test your ability, both mentally and physically.

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A beginner's road racing bike is designed to provide new cyclists with an entry-level, reliable, and affordable option to start road racing and gain experience in competitive cycling.   Frames are often made from aluminium or steel. These materials are durable, cost-effective, and provide a good balance between stiffness and comfort.

The geometry of a beginner's road bike typically strikes a balance between aggressive racing positions and more relaxed endurance-oriented positions. This allows for a comfortable riding posture suitable for long rides and races.


The bike may feature a carbon fibre fork, which helps dampen road vibrations for a smoother ride and reduces weight compared to steel or aluminium forks and come with flat pedals. Riders can later upgrade to clipless pedals and cycling-specific shoes for enhanced efficiency.

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An advanced road racing bike is a high-performance, precision-engineered machine designed for competitive road cycling. These bikes are optimised for speed, aerodynamics, and lightweight construction to give experienced riders an edge in races.

The bikes feature frames made from materials like carbon fibre or high-end aluminium, carbon fibre is favoured for its optimal strength-to-weight ratio. They may also incorporate aerodynamic features, such as streamlined tube shapes, integrated cabling, and aero handlebars, to reduce air resistance and increase speed.   With carbon fibre seat posts and handlebars to further reduce weight and absorb road vibrations, enhancing rider comfort.

The geometry leans towards an aggressive riding position. The frames are designed to optimize power transfer and aerodynamics, allowing riders to maintain a more tucked and efficient posture.

Advanced road race bikes are positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum due to their advanced technology, materials, and components. They are considered an investment for competitive cyclists..


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